Stonecrest recognizes teen entrepreneurs

Super dog truck – Mason Wright—a 14-year-old entrepreneur—opened Mason’s Super Dogs in Stonecrest Oct. 17. Photo provided by Mason’s Super Dogs.


Mason Wright—a 14-year-old entrepreneur—opened his new location for Mason’s Super Dogs in Stonecrest Oct. 17. Officials from the city of Stonecrest recognized Wright and the city’s youngest businessperson in an Oct. 20 news brief.

The news brief honored Mason and Mason’s Super Dogs—a hot dog restaurant located at 3275 Snapfinger Road in Stonecrest—and Auri “Riri” Turner, an 11-year-old who opened Riri’s Treats and Party Sweets—a kiosk that sells jewelry, candy and other party goods—at Stonecrest Mall.

Mason said he was inspired to work for himself after he could not find a job bagging or stocking at a grocery store because of his age. Instead of continuing his job search, Wright said he opened a hot dog stand outside of Morehouse College in 2018.

“I did some research and I learned about a thing called entrepreneurship,” Wright said in Stonecrest’s news brief. “I chose hotdogs because they’re a very versatile food. You can have hotdogs in the summer, the winter and in the fall.”

Mason’s father, Jerome Wright, said he and his family help their children with projects, such as Mason’s Super Dogs, within their budget.

“I think listening, being supportive and not just saying ‘well, that’s a far reach,’” said Jerome. “If you work hard and commit to what you’re trying to do, you can get it done.”

Mason said Mason’s Super Dogs sold out during its grand opening—with more than 500 hot dogs sold—and passed its health permit inspection with a score of 100.

“I just want to look back and tell you that this is outstanding family work, outstanding business work and outstanding for Stonecrest,” said Mayor Jason Lary.

Mason’s family also said his sister, Mary-Pat Hector, ran for Stonecrest city council in 2017 at 19 years old.

“All you have to do is really sit down and listen,” said Kathy Wright, Mason’s mother. “If our kids had said they wanted to be an astronaut, I probably would have built a rocket ship in the back yard.”

Mason’s Super Dogs is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Updates about the menu and hours can be found at or on Mason’s Super Dogs Instagram page (@masonssuperdogs).

Lary also said Turner became the youngest person to get a business license in the city of Stonecrest when she was approved for Riri’s Treats and Party Sweets.

“I started at 9 years old selling [frozen treats],” said Turner. “My goal is in January to have my own store, preferably somewhere in this mall.”

Turner said she only sold candy kabobs when she originally opened in Stonecrest Mall, but she has added homemade necklaces, bracelets, lip glosses and different types of candy to her inventory.

Lary praised Turner for working through the pandemic.

“I expect that you’ll have franchises one day—the Riri’s franchise—and I expect for you to be in a hundred stores somewhere. This is how it starts,” said Lary. “We’re just so proud.”

Turner said her current hours of operation are Saturdays 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sundays from noon – 6 p.m. She said her hours of operation in November could change, depending on how Riri’s Treats and Party Sweets does through the end of October.

Updates about Riri’s Treats and Party Sweets can be found on their Facebook page (@ririsparty).

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