NEWSLETTER: May 1st DeKalb County District 7 Weekly Highlights

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Dear DeKalb Family,

Today as we move towards reopening businesses across the State of Georgia, I ask that you act responsibility and with caution. DeKalb County has the second highest known cases of COVID-19 in Georgia with 1,998 cases and 47 deaths. I am proud to announce that in response to the Governor’s decision to lift the statewide shelter-in-place order tomorrow, CEO Michael Thurmond has announced this weekend, the County will begin distributing 10,000-15,000 masks and hand sanitizers to DeKalb residents. Always know, we are committed to ensuring the safety of all DeKalb residents and I am excited about this effort.

As your Commissioner, I remain extremely concerned about businesses and individuals who remain in an adverse position as a result of COVID-19. Let us all be mindful of our neighbors, friends and family at this time and provide assistance and support to those who are in need. On Wednesday, May 6th at 6PM, I will host a virtual Small Business Resources Town Hall alongside our Regional SBA Director, Terri Denison, to answer questions and ensure local businesses are aware of all resources available to them. Although we continue to shelter in place, District 7 is committed to your needs and ensuring we come out of this pandemic with the best possible outcome. Call or e-mail us if assistance is needed in any way. May God bless each of you.

Your Commissioner,
Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, M.P.A.
Super District 7, DeKalb County