NEWSLETTER: July 9th DeKalb County District 7 Weekly Highlights

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Dear Residents, Friends and Constituents of DeKalb,
I hope you are well as we continue to battle a global pandemic and unprecedented social unrest across America. As we enter the peak of summer, please remain mindful that we are seeing sharp rises in COVID-19 cases. I am extremely fearful of what I see. Let us not forget the Coronavirus is deadly and we are far from safe, as no vaccine currently exists. I encourage all to continue to shelter in place, wear masks in public places, and remain socially distant. In DeKalb, we have tested an average of 1,000 weekly at our various testing sites. This number far exceeds our expected 1,000 monthly expectation. I’d like to commend Dr. Sandra Ford and our public heath workers for being on the front line during this critical time to provide testing services.
During the past two weeks I have received countless Emails concerning the voting irregularities experienced during the primary election. Do know that myself and the Board of Commissioners have made firm recommendations for best practices and have taken every measure within our ability to ensure we do not have a repeat of the issues experienced during the primary election. The ability to vote is a sacred right that shall not be abridged or denied any citizen. I’d like to encourage everyone to vote early, as COVID-19 limits access and slows down voting due to social distancing. During the next several weeks I will announce specific measures from District 7 related to early voting and I look forward to your participation.
As always, we are available to you. Please feel free to reach out if you are in need of assistance. We look forward to serving you and working together to move DeKalb progressively forward.
Your Commissioner,
Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, M.P.A.
Super District 7, DeKalb County