Monkeypox vaccine clinic opens in DeKalb County

In preparation of the potential spread of Monkeypox in the community, the Eau Claire City-County Public Health Department (WEAU)

By Tori Cooper

As monkeypox cases continue to be reported across the country, the demand for the vaccine is outweighing supply. In DeKalb County, health officials are holding a vaccine clinic for certain members of the public.

The DeKalb County Board of Health said appointments for the first clinic at the North Dekalb Health Center on Clarimont Road filled up in minutes.

Officials are hoping to make more appointments available in the future to ensure the monkeypox vaccine is available to those who need protection from the virus.

“We beg and plead for everyone’s patience,” said Eric Nickens of the DeKalb Board of Health. “Not everyone needs the monkeypox vaccine right now. So as soon as we are able to provide more vaccines to the public, we will certainly do that.”

Right now, appointments are being limited to men who have sexual relationships with other men because health experts say those individuals are most at risk.

One man in his twenties, who did not want to be identified, said his concern over virus the monkeypox virus started recently, “Couple weeks ago I started seeing videos on TikTok and stuff of some people that have it and it’s scary, I didn’t want to risk it.”

He said he is encouraging his friends to get the shot who are eligible and he has been taking precautions to avoid getting the virus, “Just not been going out, self-isolating, staying at home just in case.”

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