Kemp to create $250M grant program for neighborhood improvement

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By Ben Brasch

A quarter of a billion dollars will soon be available for neighborhood-level improvements across Georgia.

Gov. Brian Kemp announced the new “Improving Neighborhood Outcomes in Disproportionally Impacted Communities” grant program Tuesday. The money will give hamlet-sized help to qualified neighborhoods for repairing parks, recreation facilities, sidewalks and access to healthy food.

The dollars come from federal COVID-19 relief funds, according to state communications staff, because these community elements have been shown to lower “levels of mortality and illness, both in regards to avoiding the spread of COVID-19 and other physical or mental ailments.”

The projects must sit within an area deemed by the federal government as a Difficult Development Area (a place with high costs for land/utilities and construction relative to the area median income) or eligible for a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit as determined by the feds in 1986.

Those interested which areas qualify can view a map on the state website at

The state will begin accepting applications starting on Sept. 1, which is three weeks before early voting begins in Kemp’s re-election bid against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

The grant application period ends Nov. 18, according to the news release. Each project may receive a maximum of $2 million.

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