Kemp issues new guidelines on how to stay safe while shopping

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Many are wearing masks, and keeping 6 feet distance from other shoppers

By News Staff

ATLANTA — As coronavirus cases surge in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp has issued some new guidelines on how to stay safe when you make necessary shopping trips.

Tips for customers:

  • Use contactless payment options like Apple Pay if they are available.
  • Clean your payment cards using soap, hand sanitizer or alcohol after each use.
  • Hang on to your card instead of handing it to the merchant if you can.
  • Use your own pen if a signature is required or a personal stylus for touch screens.
  • Pay in advance for home delivery services

Tips for merchants:

  • Clean and disinfect payment terminals frequently and make changes to the payment process to reduce consumer interaction with equipment.
  • Use hand sanitizer, card reader cleaners, alcohol-based disinfectant or glass cleaner.
  • Clean checkout lanes after each use.
  • Never spray any product directly onto the terminal. Use a cloth or wipe that has been sprayed instead.
  • When cleaning the terminal, do not clean the electrical connections and plugs.

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