Dunwoody seeks more comments on proposed parks

For proposed parks on Roberts Drive and Vermack Road, comments and questions are welcomed by Dunwoody city officials at [email protected]. (Courtesy of Dunwoody)

By Carolyn Cunningham

More comments and questions are invited by Dunwoody city officials on two park projects.

They include master plans for park properties at the former Austin school site at 5435 Roberts Drive and at 4809/4819 Vermack Road.

Cost estimates are the Roberts park for almost $10.5 million and the Vermack park for a little more than $4.3 million.

The updated Roberts Master Plan includes a multiuse field for multiple sports, with tick marks to make it easier to line the field when needed; two tennis courts; four pickleball courts; the city’s first splash pad; two family-sized pavilions; older and younger children’s ADA/sensory playgrounds; two basketball courts; restroom facilities; public art and a nature trail.

The updated Vermack Master Plan includes an ADA/sensory playground (12,000 square feet); three pickleball courts; two gazebos; Dunwoody Parks & Recreation office; open play field; a wildflower meadow; restrooms and solar panels.

Information: bit.ly/3TeaGdJ

Email questions and comments to [email protected].

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