District 7 Weekly Newsletter: March 25, 2020

Dear Constituents and DeKalb Friends,

I hope you are well and your families are safe as we navigate through week two of COVID-19. As your Commissioner, it is my goal to ensure you are fully aware of all actions taken to ensure your safety and the best possible outcome for DeKalb residents. In this edition of my Newsletter you will see an Executive Order issued by CEO Michael Thurmond that limits gathering and provides an assurance for DeKalb workers on the front line of critical services and enhanced compensation.

As we navigate through COVID-19 in real time, I am aware many people are facing difficult and uncertain times as many have lost their income and business owners face adverse positions due to a lack of business. My first concern is for local small businesses. To assist you with your needs you will find a section on small business resources. Please be aware we have not passed a Federal Stimulus Bill, so continue to contact your Senators and Representatives to encourage swift action on the federal level to help local governments meet the needs of local businesses. As always we as a community, must work together. It is time we check on our neighbors, elderly, and have compassion for those who face adversity and need. As always, I am here and available to you when needed, may God bless and keep us all.

Your Commissioner,
Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, M.P.A.
Super District 7, DeKalb County