Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson Named Champion for Housing Community Development Awardee by Georgia ACT, Inc.

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DeKalb County, GA – DeKalb County Government is proud to announce Super District 7 Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson will be honored during the annual Georgia Advancing Communities Together, Inc. (Georgia ACT) 2023 Fall Affordable Housing Conference and Awards Program. This event serves as a platform to explore the prospect that Georgia communities can build their capacity with adequate capital and bring about the change needed to address affordable housing challenges. 


Georgia ACT is a leading statewide organization representing nonprofit housing and community development organizations. The annual conference celebrates ongoing efforts to promote equitable housing and community development in Georgia. Since its establishment in 2014, Georgia ACT has been dedicated to building, supporting, and informing a thriving network of organizations, professionals, and individuals committed to advancing safe and decent housing.


Each year, Georgia ACT recognizes public service champions who have made transformative contributions to the affordable housing industry in Georgia. This year’s recipients include DeKalb County Super District 7 Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, alongside City of Albany Commissioner Demetrius Young. 


Commissioner Cochran-Johnson will be recognized for her tireless efforts and advocacy for affordable housing, going above and beyond to promote fair and equitable housing, including rental assistance, advancing homeownership opportunities, and innovation in developing faith-based housing initiatives. Her efforts include a Housing Resolution acknowledging affordable housing as a crisis and calling upon the Georgia State Delegation to consider rental rate caps and rental registries. Additionally, she has instituted a program in partnership with Operation HOPE to promote home ownership, which has provided over $20 million in down-payment assistance and home loans to first-time homeowners in DeKalb. 


“As a person who travels around the state and nation advocating for affordable housing, Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson is more than deserving of this honor,” said Dr. Bambie Hayes-Brown, President and CEO of Georgia ACT. “Commissioner Cochran-Johnson has the heart of gold and genuinely cares for not only her constituents but for all people. Affordable housing is hard, but Commissioner Cochran-Johnson has tackled this issue head-on and with grace and compassion. Equitable, safe, and affordable housing is a marathon and Commissioner Cochran-Johnson runs it well.” 

To view the Housing Resolution click here or to learn more about the home ownership program, contact the DeKalb County District 7 office.


For media coverage or to schedule an interview with Commissioner Cochran-Johnson, email [email protected] or call 470-547-2696.