Chamblee Celebrates Rivers Alive with Cleanup


Chamblee is celebrating Georgia’s Rivers Alive month this October by hosting its first river cleanup along Nancy Creek at 2165 Savoy Drive on October 17, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Volunteers will be in small groups and spread across various locations along Nancy Creek as needed to maintain social distancing. They will remove trash and debris from Nancy Creek, which is a tributary to North Fork Peachtree Creek that originates within the city limits.

Chamblee, like most cities, still has water quality challenges, such as fecal coliform bacteria. One source of fecal coliform bacteria that residents can control is pet waste. When pet waste is left on sidewalks and lawns, it is carried into nearby rivers, lakes and streams during recent rain events, polluting the water and creating a health hazard for people. As pet waste decomposes in Chamblee’s waterways, it depletes oxygen levels, creating an inhabitable environment for fish and other aquatic animals.

Several Chamblee streams, including Arrow Creek, Bubbling Creek, Nancy Creek and North Fork Peachtree Creek, do not meet state standards for fecal coliform bacteria, which may be partly attributed to pet waste. High levels of fecal coliform in Chamblee’s waterways can lead to outbreaks of waterborne illnesses, such as gastroenteritis, in our community. Picking up after your pet is part of being a good neighbor and responsible pet owner. It also is the law.

Here’s what can be done to keep Chamblee’s streams clean:

  • When walking your pet, take a bag with you. Tie the bags on the leash if you don’t have a pocket or pack.
  • Keep a supply of bags handy near your dog leash, by the door or in your car.
  • When at home, long-handled “pooper scoopers,” available at pet waste stores, make it easy to pick up after pets without bending over.
  • Bag and securely tie your pet waste before tossing it into your trash can or a pet waste station.
  • Remind pet sitters and all family members to pick up after your pets.
  • Trash bags, sanitizer, gloves, and masks will be provided by the event sponsors, but if you prefer to bring your own gloves and masks, please do so.

Watch Chamblee’s calendar for updated information on this event and more: Sign up for the Rivers Alive event through the parks and recreation registration site at Registration will open on Tuesday, September 1 and closes Wednesday, September 30. More information on the project can be found at or by calling 770-986-5019.

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