Educated, Competent
And Focused On Our Goals

As your District 7 Staff, we work hard to represent you.
We are detail-oriented and professional, and we work hard to ensure prosperity for all DeKalb residents.

G. Leah Davis, Ph.D.

Chief of Staff

Jennifer L. Manigo

District Manager

Jonathan “J.P.” Phillips

Constituent Liaison

Amaris M. Sawyer

Constituent Services Director

Understand truly sustainable economic development.

A Global Perspective Becomes Localized

  • Set the right goals.

    “Leaders at the forefront of remaking economic development … set long-term goals that go beyond traditional headline economic indicators to achieve more robust measures of regional growth, productivity, and inclusion while also setting shorter-term metrics to monitor progress.”

  • Grow from within.

    “Leaders in new approaches to economic development focus on strengthening assets that enable their distinctive industries to flourish and grow from within, rather than rely primarily on marketing to recruit individual firms from elsewhere.”

  • Invest in people and skills.

    “With waves of retirements in the baby boom generation already underway—and increasing diversity amongst the youngest cohorts of workers—the economic potential of every metro region depends on its effectiveness at mobilizing talent and equipping workers with the skills demanded by the leading industries in their community.”

  • Connect place.

    “The most forward-leaning leaders are harnessing regional markets and connecting local communities to them. Markets— industrial, labor, and housing—are regional, but the people and assets that matter to markets are local. … To create the market lift that raises incomes and opportunities for as many people as possible, economic development should focus on regional scale solutions to support strong, innovative industry clusters.”