District 7 Commissioner Releases a Detailed Update of Her First 90 Days in Office

Allison M. Slocum
District Manager

May 13, 2019

District 7 Commissioner Releases a Detailed Update of Her First 90 Days in Office

DeKalb County, GA – On Thursday, April 28, 2019, Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson hosted her first DeKalb County District 7 Town Hall at the Lou Walker Senior Center. During the Town Hall, Cochran-Johnson shared with county residents an update that outlined her first 90 days in office. Today that information has been made available to the public.

“I am proud to announce that I have had a productive 90 days in office and I am eager to share the strides we’ve made with the residents of the 7th District,” said Commissioner Cochran-Johnson. “By forging meaningful relationships and leveraging resources, I believe I have taken many steps in the right direction to effect positive change in our communities.”

The District 7 update of Cochran-Johnson’s first 90 days highlight several programs created through strategic partnerships with organizations like Operation HOPE, Promise Homes, and The Great American Franchise Expo, each of which touch on an area within eight key priority groups: economic development, job creation, entrepreneurship, public safety, blight, home ownership, education and senior initiatives.

In addition to programming, the update also details how Cochran-Johnson has invested discretionary funds into several initiatives, including the Small Business Loan Fund, the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court, and the revitalization of the DeKalb County Land Bank.

“Currently, within DeKalb County there are over 250 abated properties that are boarded-up or under the care of the county,” said Commissioner Cochran-Johnson. “DeKalb County is not in the real estate business, so we need a land bank to manage these properties and see to it they are sold to responsible homeowners or the land is redeveloped for the purpose of improving the community.”

Abandoned properties and blight are just a few areas of concern constituents have shared with Cochran-Johnson and are addressed within the pages of the update. Additionally, Cochran-Johnson’s voting record is shared so that residents are aware of the decisions she is making on their behalf.

The document, titled 2019 District 7 Update: First 90 Days, can be accessed on www.CommissionerLorraineCochranJohnson.com and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via the handle @Lorraine4Change. Residents are encouraged to view the update and reach out to the Commissioner or District 7 staff with questions and concerns by emailing amslocum@dekalbcountyga.gov or calling 404.371.3681.